Interview with Base One: I was on YBNL Album cos Olamide knows am real

Recently,'s Lekan Blaze caught up with the incredible "Baseone" an indigenous rapper who was rated among Top 5 Yoruba rappers as at July 2013 (infologde)... He's the third rapper on Olamide's "Industreet" from the recent YBNL album, has featured on many songs, and he is equally building an impressive profile for himself daily... 

Just sit back, relax and enjoy the chat.

#Can we meet Base One ?
Base one is a rapper ..that specializes on indigenous rap. ..His names are Sotunde Isaac Ayomipo....and the acronym of his artistic name is Best At Street Entertainment....and am Number 1 at it...(B.A.S.E 1)...its not that am feeling cocky...buh its a bragging right I possess as a rapper

#Good to know that, how and when did you start music ?

 I started Music officially in 2006...when I met with ma producer X-blaze

#You mentioned "Xblaze" as being a producer yoυ have been with for years, we agree that XBlaze is fast bcomin respected producer iŋ Naija... as far as HipHop is concerned; what number would you rate XBlaze iŋ Nigeria & what special quality does he have? Without Favour or fear.

I respect all producers out there ...they are doing great jobs....Apart 4rm sentiments ...I feel XBlaze should be crowned d best hiphop producer...buh I guess Nigerians are yet 2 acknowledge that fact.

#Getting a little bit more personal, Base One is from a family of how many ?
Am from a family of four....3girls...ahead of me...and am the only boy and the last born of my family..

#How would you describe your kind of rap, to be precise apart from the fact that's it'ѕ indigenous... What kind of music do you do?
I do hiphop music...with conscious rap content based on what I see around me and my way of life....

#In other words you are inspired by things around you

#Any Musician(s) that inspires you?
Will I say all I have any.....yea...I listen to Rakim, KRS-one, Notorious B.I.G,.. Nas ,jay-Z... I listen to Dagrin too....and all good music; I try to listen as many rappers as I can, I learn about what to do and what not to helps me to improve my rap skills.

#Good you mentioned, Dagrin ! I was having chat recently with an OAP. When your name came iŋ he was like "Baseone raps like Dagrin" ? What do you have to say to this ?

---I won't say I rap like Dagrin...Although we have similarities "That's the use of witty lines and d fact that we rap in Yoruba".....buh d difference is am Base one he's Dagrin...may his soul R.I.P

#Would like to share your Academical background?

---Sure, Am a graduate of discipline is banking & Finance.

#Splendid, which school secondary school did you attend ?
I attended Lagos state model college,Kankon.

#What is your opinion as regards, dropping school for musical career ?..... Bcos that seems to be the trend, When the likes of Nigerian top entertainers like Sound Sultan, Rugged Man, M.I, yourself and a host of others were graduates?
Knowledge is priceless....if u r educated your view, perspective and approach to whatever u do in life will be different

#Without mincing words; you condemn idea of leaving schooling for musical career.. right?

#Have you had any moment, so far where you ask yourself should I move on OR just forget about my talent?
 Enuogh times....buh what keeps me going is God....and dere's dis saying I said in one of my rap....not yet released tho!...."E fit tey but na turn by b stone na beans one day e go don"

#Aww! Your Label ?
  I don't av a label for now

#And Management ?
I have a mgt of my own initiative...that handles my profiling n calls etc. #What would you say took you this far?

#What would you say took you this far?
Prayers,Staying positive and a lot of hardwork

#Your feature with Olamide, on his recent album how did it go ? Cos for Olamide to have had you on his album alongside Reminisce.. Your are extremely a wanted product as far as hiphop music is concerned... What do you have to say about that?
Olamide is a very talented artiste...and well known in d industry as a very hardworking rapper likewise remenisce...and him featuring on his YBNL album is a privilege for pple 2get hear of d brand base a nutshell olamide is a real nigga...n real recognize real.

#Are you working on any album, or mixtape.?
Am definitely workin on My album..buh. Its not dropping anytime soon tho!

#Any mixtape?
Actually 4now mixtapes aint my resume...I feel its a cool tin tho!...buh honestly..."I freestyle buh my style aint free".

#How would you rate your fans and their support so far?
Am just growing my fan base...and I feel after God my  hardwork...I feel my fans are what made me who I am today So, so far...they av been of immense support

#Well i have followed you i see Fans tweet at you, they feel you. Aπϑ outta of love fans are expecting your compilation how soon are Ƴoυ dropping your ALBUM, fans are waiting iŋ thousands Ƴoυ know it!
My album should b dropping early next year...

#Day or night owl ?
Am more of d day type of person...buh d nature of my job..which is music...demands me being out there at nights.

#How many musical videos do you have on air now? 

I av. Just one video...wit 7 videos dat am featured in out dere

#Briefly, what would Ƴou say.. As we open the floor †̥o Ƴou †̥o throw ur word or advice or say what you wish ?
My word 4 everyone out positive, prayerful and persevering....and work hard..cos it pays at d end

#God bless Base 1, we appreciate the time.
Bless you too, Thanks

Download and Listen to one of his hit track below, 

                                (Music) Base One - "The Coming"

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